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Final Part..Chapter 1

He said “It does get lonely at the top, there are so many people who tend to agree with you that you begin to look for someone who does not, and you have the guts to do that and the intellect to defend it”

I’m glad you think that way. Coming from someone of your stature it certainly means a lot to me, I said modestly.

“I need people like you on my team. I have a position open for a Business Manager at my company, a small firm at Times square, you must have heard of it, GATES INDUSTRIES, he said smiling. I’m planning something exciting”

“Yeah I said I did see a building flashing that name” I said laughing. As I reached for my wine glass, I saw her again. There she was walking towards us. I couldn’t believe that I was seeing Angela again.

As she reached our table, Steve got up and held out a chair for her to sit; He introduced her to me saying

“Meet Angela Gates, my lovely little sister”

This time I did manage to shake her hand and introduce myself as Neil.

“Yeah of course, you were at the party yesterday” she said.

As I finished lunch and was about to leave, I was presented with a small box.

“Take it, consider it a small joining bonus, he said”

“I thought you asked me to come over for an interview tomorrow?”

“That was just to show you the office, personally”

“See you tomorrow then” I said all excited to see what was there in the box. But there was no need to open it to find out, as I stepped out to get a cab I saw a car wrapped in a bow.

End Chapter 1

Continued.. (Second last part, Chapter 1)

I barely managed to complete the first lap, but the instructor assured me that I will do better as we will end lap 3, the last of the practice laps. The car on the other hand was brilliant; being an electric it delivered instant power at the touch of the accelerator and I was enjoying driving a very expensive sports car and in fact was getting better as I completed the second lap. By the third lap the instructor was sure I will be a worthy competitor and should it should be a stiff race if I remember what I was told.

I pulled up at the starting point, gleaming with confidence and all ready to go. The Mclaren came roaring and stopped next to me and they waved the flag to begin. I raced off to a lead; after all I had an almost instant power delivery at my feet. But suddenly I realized that what appeared like a speck of dust in my rear view mirror was drawing closer and closer. I shifted gears furiously to keep myself in the lead, through the twisting corners and the tricky hairpin curves, I was glad I had managed to retain all that I learnt during my practice laps. But the car behind was not that far away and was catching up quickly. Though as we reached closer to the finish line amongst all this adrenaline flowing in my blood stream, I realized something very important and as we were almost there, I lifted my foot off the accelerator and let the Mclaren soar pass me to the finish line. I’m not saying I would have won the race if I had not done that, but I certainly had a chance. I was hoping that Steve is as intelligent as I had pegged him to be, as I drove past the finish line into the garage.

As I got out of the car, I still couldn’t believe that I had actually hurled around a 200 thousand dollar car on a race track and managed to get it back in the garage all in one piece. My instructor from earlier walked to me and said

“Good job, you handled the corners very well, what happened at the end though? Seemed like your car was slowing down?”

“Sometimes you need to lose to gain something, Winning doesn’t always matter” I said as I walked out of the garage.

I had taken a shower in one of the guest rooms that were meant for guests of exclusive members of the club, and was headed to the resort where I had been summoned by Steve in a card he had sent with one of the staff at the club.

I entered the luxurious restaurant where we were supposed to have lunch. And I saw a variety of dishes being carried around by the waiters for their esteemed guests, which were such beautiful pieces of art, each showcasing the culinary genius of the chef who prepared them.

I was walking over to the bar to get myself something to drink, just then I was stopped by a hand on my shoulder from behind. I looked behind to find Steve standing there. He said

“Don’t think I did not notice what happened at the Launch party yesterday, the invite you used was for Mr. Robinson and you don’t look like you are a 70-year-old man. About the race track, even if you hadn’t done that I’m sure I would’ve won. You are different, you think strategically and you think long-term. You did no let the adrenaline over power your rationale on the track. ”

“I tried; after all it’s difficult for a rookie like me to beat someone like you, especially in a car that can’t get a peep out of it” I said with a hint of sarcasm in my tone.

“Join me at the table for lunch; I want to talk to you about something” he said.

Here I was having lunch with one of the richest men in New York, and all this just because I had challenged him.

Continued..(Third to last part, Chapter 1)

The alarm was ringing non-stop, but I had already been up with the excitement and searching the refrigerator for some juice. I located my phone in the mess around the room by following the sound and managed to turn off the alarm. I picked up my phone and grabbed my keys and rushed out only wait for an eternity to finally manage to get a cab, got in it and headed upstate, to the Monticello motor club. I had just reached there and was only getting out of the cab when I noticed a chopper hovering in the clear blue sky, only to land on the exclusive helipad inside the club. I made my way through the luxurious lobby of the 5 star resort to the race track only to see Mr. Gates getting out of the chopper I had seen earlier and walking towards me. I was amazed even more by the power that money brings you; it can reduce a one hour drive from Manhattan to a mere 20 minutes of hovering through the air, above everybody else.

“So you are here right on time, Good that’s a good to see” he said.

The biggest complaint by punctual people is that no one is there to notice it. But today, it was noticed and it had got me off to a good start.

He gestured me to walk with him, and I followed suit to be shocked and pleasantly surprised to see the same car that I has just been launched yesterday, sitting there all ready to be taken out for a spin. Looking at my expression, Steve said.

“You look surprised, you challenged me yesterday or at least that’s how I interpreted it” he said raising his eyebrow in an attempt to see if I back off and abandon my own words last night.

“Wow, I’m only surprised as the car was not available for purchase until next month. As far as what I had said, I still stand by what I said; it can be interpreted as you want it. And if you look at it as a challenge, I’m game for it”

He threw the keys to the car at me, and walked away towards his McLaren F1, the all time classic, old school monster, stopped and without even turning to face me said

“Talking big things about cars, clad in your 3 piece with a glass of champagne is easy, racing on the tarmac not so much”

“Yeah of course, if the tarmac has 22 turns with a mix of hairpins in that of varying radii and 450 feet of thrilling elevation changes and not to forget stretch of straight about 1.5 miles in length. You sure your old school car will be able to handle it?”

“Looks like I underestimated you, but I’m sure you will see me waving at you from the other side of the finish line when you reach there, if you reach there that is”

Though practically I had never raced a car, forget racing an electric sports car, theoretically I knew a lot of stuff. I tried to tell myself that I can do it as I got into the car for a test lap with my private instructor in the passenger’s seat.


I was standing there, looking at her, I was lost, again. Somebody called out to her and she walked away, smiling at me. Oh that smile, that beautiful smile. I missed my chance again, I realized as I came back to my senses. There she was again, the center of attraction, everybody admiring her beauty. Gleaming in that red metallic color, the curves and contours of the body accentuated by the interplay of lights, looking at it, no one would imagine under that hood was an electric motor and not a roaring engine. As I walked closer to the car, I saw a man sitting in the driver’s seat with the door open and a bunch of people listening intently to what he was saying. As I moved close his words were audible to me. I managed to catch a glimpse of the man and these words followed
“This is nice, but that motor does not make any noise. I’m missing that loud roar of an actual engine in there. I can’t get the adrenaline pumping without it. It’s like watching a movie without the sound. I won’t definitely get into a race with this one, he said laughing”.
It was the Steve Gates, I had to talk to him and I had found the perfect way to do it. When you try to talk to people there is a chance they might ignore you, but if you challenge them you are guaranteed a response. I’m a car enthusiast at best not a racer or anything, but I had no option. I said, a race is not won by the car, its won by the driver behind the wheel.
A towering frame rose from the car, and stood in front of me and said “Is that suppose to be a challenge, sounds like one to me”
Depends how you interpret it. It’s a well established theory bordering on the line to becoming a fact, I said.
“I like men who don’t get intimidated and stand their ground. I’m Steve Gates”
I’m Neil, I said shaking his hand. Nice meeting you.
I enjoyed the party socializing with a bunch of very rich people. Talking about expensive cars, exotic wine and other things which  boast of how much money one has.
I was waiting outside for my car to arrive, as another car stopped in front of me. The closed window lowered to open half way through. And to my utter disbelief it was Steve Gates. He handed over a card to me and said.
“Hope to see you at this address, it my private racecourse, I’m having a small get together with friends there. Let’s see who wins the race. You will have a wide selection of cars to choose from”
Saying this, the window closed again and the car drove away into the night. I was standing there stunned. I was invited for a get together by the Steve Gates. After all, my dream was coming true I guess.
Just then my friend arrived with the Rolls, and I got in the car. I was so excited; I could not hide the happiness. I told my friend who was driving the car. He said
“That’s a very good thing, its easy to get carried away but remember they are rich you are not”

I pondered on that as we drove away, but my thoughts wandered very quickly as I looked at the card and thought which car I should pick to race him.

Continued /-


I was about to pick up a glass of  champagne from the tray of one of the waiters , when another gentleman  had apparently decided to walk around without looking on the ground and hit the poor waiter. Spilling the champagne on himself and a little on my hand. The waiter heard no end of it, without it being his mistake and apologized repeatedly to avoid losing his job. I decided to step in and picked up a napkin from the tray and cleaned my hands. Turned to the gentleman who was fuming at the waiter and said.

“The girl you were busy staring at just now, left with someone who supposedly looked like her boy friend, I thought your wife might be happy to know that?”

That guy was so embarrassed that I did not see his face again throughout the party; I patted the waiter on the back and moved on with a fresh glass of champagne in my hand, towards the star of the evening. As I turned around there she was again, smiling at me. I had no idea why she was here for, had she seen me at the counter outside forging my invite?I was about to open my mouth, just then she said

“Nice to see that some people still care about the less fortunate, impressive the way you handled that smug man just now”


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“I would have believed it for once if that did not reek sarcasm. Anyways you and your unachievable dreams, I’m happy with what I have, you enjoy the party though.

Yeah about that, I will need a ride for the party too you know. And Rolls would do wonders for the cause.

“Just give me a buzz when you need me to come pick you up, I won’t come to take you home though”

We’ll see I said closing the door behind me.

All set in my 15k suit, it fit so snugly that I couldn’t imagine that I’d been wearing the cheap 200 dollar shit all my life. As I entered the party I was greeted by a man behind the desk, asking me for my invite in the politest manner possible. That was really difficult to do as I didn’t have one. So I activated the fake call option on my phone as I was pretending to look for the invite and my phone began ringing. I excused myself and turned around to the side to pretend to talk on the phone. Another old glum looking gentleman came over, he had forgotten his invite, and was about to rein fury on the poor guy asking him for one. But luckily there was a copy of the invites on the computer as well. He confirmed his name, and went inside. That’s it I found my way in, I turned to the counter while still on the phone and told the guy behind the counter, pointing outside, we might have a problem with a valet there. So as dedicated as he is to serve the rich he rushed outside to make sure everything was fine. Now all I had to do was reach behind the counter, pick a name from the unmarked invites and print one out or myself and stand there with it, for him to come back. As I was about to return to my position a sweet voice behind me said.

“Excuse me, here is my invite”

I turned around, only to find a beautiful girl, flawless face,smooth silky skin, and a smile that would lighten up the room, wearing a flowing black dress with her straight black hair let loose, and a beautiful single diamond pendent necklace perfectly complementing her neck less dress, in short she was like a breath of fresh air, handing over her invite to me. I couldn’t get my eyes off of her, and said please carry on. My trance was broken by the approaching footsteps and I hastily placed the invite on the counter and came out. As I was doing so I couldn’t resist myself even if it meant it took a few extra seconds, to glance over the invite to look at her name. I was able to catch only the first name, it said Angela.

I handed over my new freshly printed invite and stepped inside into a new world. One where nothing is impossible, where everything can be bought with money. They say money can’t buy you happiness, they are wrong money can buy you happiness, if you have enough of it.


Chapter 1


It was the invite only, black tie launch party of a very high-profile electric car company. They were launching a new variant of a sports car that was capable of doing 200 mph and it was powered by electric motors and not an engine. More over it meant a lot of supermodels too, and of course not to mention the cream of the city, every celebrity would be there. I’m not sure when it all began, but I always wanted to be rich, always wanted to taste life on the other side. Getting a fake invite, by which I mean hacking into their lame system and printing out one for me wasn’t a problem. But where is the thrill in that and more over. So I decided not to hack into their system alright. I mean it wouldn’t be called hacking if I know the login details for their system right?

So I turned my wardrobe upside down, only to realize that I don’t have anything in the Gucci and Armani range in there. So I decided to wing it too .What I did? I picked up my phone and called my driver to get my Rolls out as I wanted to buy myself a suit. The car stopped in front of a high-end clothes store. I got out of the car, the Rolls made sure it was an entry noticed by everyone. I walked into the store and was greeted with a glass of single malt scotch by a beautiful lady. I tried on several suits and finally decided to buy one worth 15k dollars.

The lady got it packed for me and had it put in my car. I reached for my wallet to get my credit card only to realize that, and more over make her realize that I had forgotten it at home. So I removed my Rolex from my wrist and handed it over to her, and asked her to return it when my driver comes back with the check. Though she insisted that that’s not required and the driver can get the cheque later to clear the payment. Just to add a bit more authenticity to it, I handed over a business card to her saying   “This is my business manager, please give him a call if you ever need anything, I’m a serial entrepreneur and blurted out a random name of a company, which I saw on an advertisement while coming over. She was very happy by the gesture and thanked me for choosing their store for my shopping needs. I walked out the door and into my car, my driver was looking at me awe-struck and said,

“How the hell on earth do you pull that off man?”

Confidence my friend, confidence, I knew I couldn’t afford that suit. She on the other hand had no clue what I was worth. Looking at Rolls she must have thought I could buy half the store if I wanted to. Anyways buddy, your boss’s car was of great help, I always used to make fun of you for having such low ambitions in life, you came through this time buddy.


Prologue Continued..

As a matter of fact, I was damn sure that if it was anything else Steve would be sipping wine in his mansion in an hour’s time. But by any chance if it was not anything else, then I had no idea where things would head. The rationale part of my mind told me that it’s impossible as we had planned it to perfection. There was no room for error, but the illogical part known as the heart told me there is nothing called a perfect crime.

I entered the precinct, to find Steve being questioned in the interrogation room; I entered the backside of the room which is hidden from view of the suspect, with that mirror glass. There was Derek, my school mate and a friend. He is the reason I dared to barge in the interrogation room unannounced. But the moment I entered, I saw the head of police standing there too, and the last glimmer of hope that I had just vanished like a flash of light. Derek saw me, and walked towards me and said

“You know what’s making headlines off late right? Steve seems to have a lot to do with it, as a matter of fact there is incriminating evidence that he has pulled it off. What I don’t understand is why? The man has billions of dollars already.”

I was yet to come to terms with the fact that what we thought was the perfect crime, the one where we made sure there was no shred of evidence left behind, the one which we were so proud of, had fallen through? My knees were shaking and I was surprised to be standing up and didn’t collapse to the ground by now. That’s when Derek’s words registered in my mind, and I thought it’s not the money that matters for everyone. For some it is money, for some it is the thrill and for some it is the sheer joy to see others fail and prove that he is the best. But for some it is the combination of Money and the high that success gives you. As the events of the past began flashing in front of my eyes like a movie, a movie in which we were sure we are the heroes, but somehow had turned into villains, from the protagonists to the antagonists? Is there something like a Perfect crime?

P.S Chapter 1 coming up tomorrow.

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